Heybar Heypipe Sherlock Wax Vape - Yellow & Black

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Product Description:
*Heybar Wax Pipe, a normal pipe, this electronic heating chamber (called an ‘atomizer’), base, and glass piece combine to create an extremely classic Tobacco Pipe look with modern vaporizer functions for satisfying your fantastic cool vaping journey. Heybar wax pipe vaporizer is one of the most unique vaporizers on the market with solid black color, its design resembles a classic tobacco pipe used by MASTER/M’LORD in the ancient European days.

Product Features:
*Modular Design, discreet, portable;
*Highly atomizer efficient ;
*Consistent temperature control ;
*Compatible with glass bong;
*Quartz bowl for easy cleaning;
*Sleep and auto shut-off function;
*30s heat-up time;
*1100mAh Li-ion battery with Type-C charging port.

Working Voltage:
Heybar Wax Pipe have adjustable temperature settings, allowing the user to customize the vaping experience to their preference.